Buddies Sports Bar & Grill was opened on July 1, 1991, formed from the life long friendship of Steve, Greg, and Ed. In pre-school, kindergarten, and grade school, the three had no idea how many years and challenges they would face together. Each attended different high schools, but in their teens, became co-workers for many years with McCormick & Schmick's Restaurants. Soon, in their mid-twenties, they began talk of opening their own place, and through the guidance of John Starvaggi, Buddies Sports Bar began to take shape. John had 40 years and 7 restaurants in his history, and was eager to share all he had learned with the three.  It is this growing friendship that forms the cornerstone of the Sports Bar which fittingly displays the name "Buddies" Today all who gather at Buddies are welcomed as friends by Steve, Greg, Ed and the team.

Buddies Sports Bar & Grill
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Aloha, OR

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